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PCB Fabrication

 Shenzhen Xinweike Electronics is a professional quick turn PCB prototyping,PCB Assembly and low-volume production manufacturer located in Shenzhen China. 
We can make large numbers of small-batch PCBs extremely efficiently and at very low cost. These savings are passed on to you, so you can enjoy receiving quality circuit boards at an very reasonable price.
For our PCB fabrication service we have a large number of available base materials. Those available include FR4, Polyimide and PTFE. Layer counts encompass single sided, all the way up to 12 layers. We offer a wide range of solder resist and legend colours. Finishes available are immersion silver, immersion gold over electroless nickel, Hot Air Solder Level, both lead-free and leaded.
If you want to know the cost to make your design into physical PCB boards, you can send us your Gerber files and requirement(including board material, thickness, copper weight, soldermask and silkscreen color, surface finish).


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